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Source Intelligence
Awaken your Eternal Kryst nature and life In Prosperity


Welcome beloved brother/sister

It is an honor to have you here!

My mission is to Activate the Original Kryst blueprint of those who are ready!

I offer 1 on 1 sessions, weekly group sessions, workshops online and in person as well as events and retreats.

In the shop, you will find Source technology that I was given to Achor by Ascended Masters whom I work with,
check it out!

If you want to get in contact, I am very happy to chat and meet a new soul friend.


My Service to all-oneness


Aljaž Govednik - God Sovereign Free member of the cosmos

Ambassador of GOD Source Eternal
Kryst Avatar


My job is to assist in activating your Original Divine Kryst Blueprint

To show you how ascension works, how your multidimensional anatomy works, how to facilitate deep profound alchemy by working with your Soul, OverSoul, Kryst Avatar, Rishi,
 and spirit Identities.
These are your true higher selves that everyone has access to if they know how to.


My main purpose is to empower you, so that you remember how to hold space, heal, lead, live in abundance and prosperity, to be JOY and LOVE.

Besides the community that I'm pouring my heart into. I am also active almost daily regarding planetary grid work, activations, clearing, etc.

The teachings are all a part of it as we are creating a global grid of highly evolved beings through the work with the Guardians Alliance and other Forces of GOD.

This is also why I am anchoring Source Intelligence Technology into physical tools that everyone is learning to use, so they can assist themselves, others, and the planet.


Currently, we have an active Community where we meet weekly to do personal ascension processes as well as planetary clearing and activations.

Sessions 1 on 1 are available to those whom I have permission to assist, which comes down to the evolution of the being.

Source intelligence tools are available in the shop.

We also have Events, workshops, and gatherings online and in person.




God Force and Soul alchemy session.


These sessions are what you need the most in order to move forward on your journey of restoring your Original Kryst Divine Blueprint.

You have here on earth For Bio-Regenesis, restoring your DNA and Original DIvine blueprint.

This session will help you in the way that you need, as you will move out of ancient, sometimes billions of years old traumas, that you need to released for you to return into deeper truth.


Source Intelligence tools

These Tool are Source technology anchored in a physical.

Designed To assist you in all ways you need in order to move toward a deeper embodiment of your own power, love, and authenticity, so you follow your mission a give to the world that which you have always been here to give.

The technology will reawaken your Kryst blueprint, your perfect image, and deeply strengthen your connection to God Source.

Source Technology

Words cannot even begin to describe how powerful the healing session with Aljaz was. For the longest time I have been trying to find my way home, my purpose yet I felt quite lost. Despite that, my Soul has still led me to the necessary people and steps I’ve needed on my journey and being connected with Aljaz was one of those divinely timed milestones. I call it that because it’s with Aljaz’s help that I truly feel reconnected — reconnected to my lineage, Guardians, Soul family, Soul, Over Soul and beginning to connect with my Kryst Avatar. During the second session he helped me release a lotttt of sexual trauma that my Soul had experienced across millions and billions of years. A lot remembrance has come to me since our two sessions and it hasn’t stopped. I feel like my session with Aljaz is the most powerful healing experience I’ve had in this incarnation thus far and I am eternally honored and grateful for him, his power, wisdom, and love. If you have a chance to have a session with him — consider yourself lucky 🍀 as it is a truly authentic life changing experience.”

- Victoria

Victoria, netherlands


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