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God Force Technology

There are no limits, bounds, or holds, with GOD. I have been building this technology for the last few years. It has allowed me to open up in a way that is impossible to put into words.

The sessions are probably, the most powerful healing experience you have had to date, at least that is what clients share.

I focus on restoring your Original Kryst Blueprint, your organic source creation code and all that needs to be cleared in order for you to experience your true authentic self in connection with source GOD eternal.

The session takes 60-120 min. The healing can start when you put down your donation, this could be a month before the session and will last also after the session, as you integrate the changes and as life brings you lessons, new realizations and expanded awareness set it, etc.

As the sessions are in No Time, we will be shifting millions, billions, trillions of years of trauma, which really depends on every unique session.
This is why sometimes healing starts before the session, as your higher self makes sure the healing is spread over a period of linear time so that you can integrate and process the shift

The healing session is very diverse and will always be different as every session is tailored by your higher self/soul/Kryst self and even higher by Source Intelligence.
In the process we will work together, Kryst self to Kryst self, working to shift the deepest traumas that are blocking you from moving forward and embodying ur true nature.

We will work on your childhood, and past lives, parallel realities, that are causing issues in the here and now. We will shift these so that you can finally move forward. We are addressing the very root of the problems, which can be ancient and something that you might have been struggling with for billions of years, even trillions.

read below for more explanation.



Are like a path of experience for a soul.  I see it as a line that goes from the root cause all the way to the here and now. 

Example: You have burned your hand in some extraterrestrial life long long ago, then as time went by, you have reincarnated many times,  then in the late A.D. 1500 you had been burned alive on a stake for being accused of being a witch, and now in the here and now, you not only fear being close to the fire, but you also are scared of being authentic, because you have been killed for being what you feel like being, and expressing your magic.


Example 2: You die of driving a high-speed vehicle, on a faraway planet somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, then as billions of years go by you continue to have similar accidents, until you are finally ready to heal the trauma in the here and now reality as a human being. in this lifetime you are scared to death of cars, and not only that you have a brain injury that doesn't want to heal, perhaps you don't even know you are affected by it, it much manifests as dyslexia.
This timeline got triggered when you had a car accident or perhaps a head injury from falling from a tree and all the past experiences from that timeline are now affecting you in this lifetime. you might have pain in the limbs because these were broken in a similar experience a long time ago, or negative thoughts, fear, anxiety, psychosomatics, etc... 




As the deepest root cause gets healed all the energy you lost from all the traumatic experiences goes back to you in the here and now, and all the issues that the timeline was causing you, disappear in most cases, instantly, the ego and the realization take time to set in in divine right order.

This is the major work that is offered here. Everyone has timelines that need to be healed to make permanent and lasting changes in our behavior and life.


Personal experiences from doing this work:
There is nothing that cannot be resolved,  MASSIVE changes in your entire life are possible with this work, GOD's work! 

GOD has no limits.

We will always have to meet mid-way. A big part is also the work you do yourself. In some cases there is additional work needed as to coaching, the rest is the same for all, INTERGRATION of the changes takes time and in some/most cases, it might take even a year. But this is nothing to worry about all this happens naturally, it is an organic process of consciousness. A client has shared that the experience is like a plant medicine journey and it respectfully takes sometimes even a year to integrate.

How the session looks like

We will have a call, I will guide you and the healing will take place. You will be connecting with your soul and higher aspects, and through your own light and with the help of God Force we will go to work, il be sharing as we go what is being addressed and all additional info I will be reciving to share.

After the session, you will get instructions as well as homework. you will have a chance to join healing groups, to recorded meditations/healings, study etc. I will share what will be available at that time.

I have a specific after-session work pla
n made. Certain energy management practices, it will make the integration easier and also enable you to expand even more.

Whatever you are dealing with, I know this for certain, GOD is everything, there are no limits to GOD Source Eternal.
Sessions are a result of your willingness 
to learn, to change and merge with spirit and primarily it all comes down to your soul and higher Kryst aspects that you are and GOD, that will allow and determine what happens in the session. I do not work on the level of human will, but always as divine will, following what is allowed for your greatest good.
You have an opportunity to completely change your life toward your higher truth and expression.



For Inquiries, questions, booking for the session, or anything else, feel free to use this form to get in touch.

I will answer any questions you have or if you wish to get right into it, set a date when we start your journey.

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