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There are more that 50 different unwritten testimonial that are now uploaded

Victoria - netherlands
Words cannot even begin to describe how powerful the healing session with Aljaz was. For the longest time I have been trying to find my way home, my purpose yet I felt quite lost. Despite that, my Soul has still led me to the necessary people and steps I’ve needed on my journey and being connected with Aljaz was one of those divinely timed milestones. I call it that because it’s with Aljaz’s help that I truly feel reconnected — reconnected to my lineage, Guardians, Soul family, Soul, Over Soul and beginning to connect with my Kryst Avatar. During the second session he helped me release a lotttt of sexual trauma that my Soul had experienced across millions and billions of years. A lot remembrance has come to me since our two sessions and it hasn’t stopped. I feel like my session with Aljaz is the most powerful healing experience I’ve had in this incarnation thus far and I am eternally honored and grateful for him, his power, wisdom, and love. If you have a chance to have a session with him — consider yourself lucky 🍀 as it is a truly authentic life changing experience.”

Anina - Slovenia

I decided on therapy under pyramid because I felt that things were not going in the right direction for me. Entering the pyramid itself is a powerful process, you feel in your body, heart and soul how the processes begin to unfold, especially if you set an intention. The pyramid is so powerful and incredible that if I hadn't experienced it myself, I don't know if I would have believed that such powerful transformations could take place. Already after the first therapy, I felt a strong change, connection with myself and peace of mind. In subsequent therapies, however, I went deeper and deeper and discovered and cleaned things (closing portals, breaking karmic contracts...) that I no longer need. After a few therapies, I feel a complete transformation, a great feeling of well-being, an open heart, better relationships, my light pillar, less external triggers and things started to move in the right direction. I strongly feel the connection with my soul and I am in love, despite all the trials that life leads me through. Soo grateful! Definitely recommend to everyone!

Elowyn - Norway 

Alijaz is truly a gift from the stars. Sitting with him is an experience beyond the human body and mind, rooted with the stars, elements, and ancient space. A plant journey without medicine. Not for the faint of heart. Dramatically alternating timelines and “reality”. It’s an honor to be held in his loving embrace and beautiful light.


Hayley - usa

I felt very stressed in the beginning but then a wave of calm just kinda took over and I have never felt so very rested

I feel very light today

I feel good in a way I have never felt before, very ok with myself and trusting what I need for me it is hard to explain

Talli - Usa


During the healing I felt a wave of energy flush through my entire body, it was very relaxing. I was in and out like a dream state.
I felt very light after. I definitely resonated with the holding on to some resentment he spoke about.

Later that evening, I had a headache and needed to lay down again.
I felt a huge shift in my crown, all around my head and jaw. It was quite painful, so I lied very still and allowed the healing to continue.
Again I went into a lucid dream state. Once it was over I noticed the pain in my jaw and ears had left.

It was a great experience and excellent healing.

Marjan - Usa

I love Aljaz's energy. His energy is kind, pure, positive & gentle. I have had a few amazing sessions with him. His energy work is very deep, uplifting, and very pleasant. I always enjoy working with this kind loving caring soul and his energy sessions have helped me!

Michelle - Oregon

My Mind was at first full and then everything became peaceful, Saw myself as a young girl, very powerful session, I feel great now.

The chronic pain In my hip went away and my leg feels great , I went on a walk right after the session and now I can shuffle snow again.

Kim - afrika

I feel whole again, I feel like I'm replaced in my body the right way now, even my voice changed. A piece of me came back.

Session done on her child.

First time of no nightmares and screaming during the night in a couple of months.We can all sleep quietly

Anže - Slovenia

I felt heat going through my mind, then i felt a lot of energy moving, and then I didn't feel anything, no body, nothing, I have no words what happened.

Tim - Uk

My body was restless, I could feel energy releasing throughout my stomach, hands, feet, head, and heart, my hands were very hot, Then I all of a sudden felt connected with everything, earth, Gaia, sky, source of light, God. Then things came through, basically, I realized I need to take care of myself better.
My whole body aches yet I feel very mobile, felt and saw light work on chakras, limbs and energy blockages.

Thank you very much!

Klara - Slovenia

Aljaž brought depth, love, and healing to my energy space. He has largely supported me on the path I am exploring. Through his therapy, he empowered me in acting and living on earth and at work. He performed the therapy supremely, accurately, deeply, and unconditionally. He gave me everything I needed at the time. It opened up energy channels/connections that I am just getting to know and through which I am getting to know myself. Aljaž is synonymous with openness and unconditionality, in his spiritual depth, one can feel the help and support, to those who need it. Directly from the stars. He channels cosmic love I forgot about in this chaotic world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Aljaž ...

Mira - Slovenia


Uau, Aljaz, First night in the last 25 years that i sleeps in one peace, with out nightmare, calm. I also didn't grind my teeth is i am used to do. I dreamt of a fat girl but no monsters, finally no monsters. Because of the monster, every time i closed my eyes i could not sleep.

Romana - Austria

Indecition in life of what path to take forward:
Total clairy 2 minutes in, 5 ascpect came up that i was not ackowledging and i completely knew its not time for me. I was totaly connected and stuff was just flying total transcendental state. It was so incredible, i could see it all so clearly. And then a fly flew on my nameste picture and then on a paper where i wrote what u like to have in life and i knew this decition goes against that.

Its interesting that i was poping my spine for the last week and now u tell me the codes are relesing. I had scoliosis and fixed it so i hadent popo my spine for years

Also the implants make sense and the enetity. i was told by some tother persont he same and he said he cleared it. Thank you for all the conformation on the self doubt that its not mine. This was so amazing.

Source Technology tools

Verena - Austria

In the beginning the energy of the necklace was so pure and steong that i had troubles wearing it for a longer time in the beginning i only used it during meditation with the Intention that my body adjusts to the Divine frequencies of the necklace. After some days i felt how the Vibration of my body rose and finally adapted to the necklace The Gift of the necklace, for me, was a more open and purer channel of communication with the Spiritual World and i am deeply thankful that Aljaz brought this Gift into my life

Emma - Oregon

Emmas experine:


Klara - Japan

I love my Destiny Ring and have worn it every day since November 2019. That's more than 500 days now! ! I feel like it is an energetic beacon that keeps my soul-aligned to my true mission on earth. It's not always an easy path but my Destiny Ring is a daily reminder.




Thank you Aljaz!


The ring is great, it's too strong on moments of wearing it, brings a feeling of harmony and bliss.
Sessions very super, deep liberation and energy maintenance. Feelings of lightness came a few days after the session.

Julie - Uk

Dear Alijaz THANK YOU so much for my fantastic Gaia sphere. I have been using it mainly to cleanse and amplify my crystals with amazing results. One example is of a recent low-level energy infiltration during sleep time - I placed my smokey quartz inside the sphere. I saw and felt it’s energy grow rapidly, providing much-needed protection. I have had no further infiltrations since doing this. Also, I have been using the large ring to assist in the purification of my already filtered water. I was a bit skeptical about this one because I thought the filter was good enough. However I can say that without any doubt I am now drinking the nectar of the gods, it’s a sheer pleasure I have absolutely no doubts about the power within to alter frequencies, transmute harmful energies and protect whosever uses these awesome instruments with clear intention and love. I wear my infinite heart ring with confidence and knowing. I highly recommend your work to everyone.

Aurelie - Uk

Thank you so much for the gaia sphere, the golden fire ring and the sacred geometry, the sphere is like nothing I ever experienced before the, I feel my soul coming trough in its presence and the energy going trough my body like I never felt before. I am sold!


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