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Technology of God


Source Intelligence rings
Source technology


These physical tools are called tensor tools. But this is not the magic of the Source Technology.

Source Technology is the energetic part that is anchored into the physical tensor ring, which creates a multi-dimensional field covering way beyond the 15-dimensional light spectrum of this universe. It has access to all you need.


These are technologies that have been made by Primordial Ascended Master collectives that I work with.

Source Intelligence knows divine right order and operates as it. The tools operate Through Source intelligence which always brings what is in the highest good.

The Core of all life, the diamond heart of God Source eternal, is what I call, The Master Core Crystal. The Mainframe of creation.

The tools are directly linked into the Master Core Crystal, which gives them access to all that is.

These tools are here to Assist in the embodiment of Kryst Consciousness.
which is the Divine blueprint of all life.

Eternal Life.


This is Truly A divine gift from God Source.

I have seen life-changing Shifts happen to those who wear it.

Are you ready to reconnect with a frequency that originated from 

Core of All life.

Kryst Consciousness.

IMG_1236 resize.jpg


These tools have been created outside of time, outside of this universe, I like to joke, "in the forge of God, with the hammer of creation, by the fire of Eternal life", and even though I joke, I also mean this for real. 

These tools are Source technology, and for me to try to explain this technology is impossible as the level of consciousness required to comprehend it is way beyond the capacity of a human.
This is a manifestation of Ascended mastery and is here on earth because we need it desperately.

Source Intelligence Is the primordial consciousness that knows absolute and complete Divine right order,  

and only God Source Eternal can know this.

This means it will never harm anyone, nor will it not respect everyone's absolute free will choice, as some of these tools have an area of influence of over 40 kilometers if that is needed.


Each tool has its Primary purpose, which differs from technology and the Shape of the tool, as different geometry bends the light in a unique expression of Source, which in turn serves a different purpose.


Kryst consciousness, Is the Perfect image of life, and one of the purposes of the tools is to restore this Blueprint within your multidimensional anatomy, this goes for all tools.

For more information watch the video.


To explain what Kryst is:

It is the Sound expression of the blueprint of Eternal life. It is the Sound manifestation into light through which all life manifests in their perfect image.
Imagine Pure White Source God Light hitting a Diamond and the light on the other side of the diamond coming out as Rainbow. The diamond is the Kryst blueprint the rainbow Is you, the colors of the rainbow, is your uniqueness, your authenticity. And every rainbow is unique, because the diamond is unique. So, Kryst Is you Original Divine Blueprint through which God Source Eternal manifests Itself, as YOU.

All of the tools are Gifts in exchange for your donation. Thank you.

Solar Factor Kryst Technology

Resurrection technology

To explain what Kryst is: It is the Sound expression of the blueprint of Eternal life. It is the Sound manifestation into light trought which all life manifest in their perfect image.
Imagine Pure White Source God Light hitting a Diamond and the light on the other side of the diamond coming out as Rainbow. The diamond is the kryst blueprint the rainbow Is you, the colors of the rainbow, is your uniqueness, your authenticity. And every rainbow is unique, because the diamond is unique. So, Kryst Is you Original Divine Blueprint trought which God Source Eternal manifest Itself, as YOU.

This technology has 2 primary protocols for beings.

Protocol 1: Solar Resurrection ray, Golden Krysted Perfect Image.

The Golden Krysted Perfect image is Golden silhouette that forms around the being, it is a technology that is rehabilitating your Original Divine Kryst blueprint, it is the consciousness of your being where you are Whole, Healed, empowered, powerful in your core, Perfect image.

The Golden Krysted Perfect Image is like the Golden Ray of the 8th hidden sun light ablaze in the heart of the human, fortifying their core, Vitalizing their body mind, soul, entire being. Guiding them to follow their mission in highest expression, empowering them, inspiring them, deep down giving them the knowing that they are taken care of, supported, protected, to shine freely and live a FULL life, in FULL love, with their heart beaming with the Loving power of God Source Eternal.
There is remembrance that this activation is bringing and it is one of knowing, that you are eternal, that you come from source and will always return to source, and not only that, you have the entire support of God Source Eternal, the Forces of God and the Guardian alliance.

This Golden Ray ablaze in the heart screams I am Kryst! In order for you to embody this state of being, the technology will take you through deep healing, Inner child healing/integration, past/future/parallel life healing/integration, if there are any universal complications that you as a multi-dimensional being have, these will be shifted and resolved gradually. You frequecy will progressively and naturally rise. A broad spectrum of energetics that negativly effect, hinder, block the natural flow of life force within you multi-dimentional anatomy, will be cleared, like curses, implant, psychic attacks, hooks, attachments and all forms of invasive energetics as well as any dark beings etc. This technology is here to guide and assist you in your connection to you core, which is ONE with God Source Eternal. As you connection deepen you will naturally release all that is not alighned with your Kryst Image. All this is done with grace and ease, this is Source technology, and so there are no limits to its capacity, it will always meet where you are at and take you deeper into your truth. This technology has no opposition, As God Source Eternal has no opposition.

I have seen such profound changes happen in people, especially children, because they are much more in tune with the Krysted frequency, older people, those who have a lower frequency need more time to adapt and acclimatize to this technology and so it is more gentle with them. While with children I have seen full force Resurrection and embodiment of Kryst Perfect image.

Sacred Child of God Ablaze!

The tools can do anything you need, If you are a healer, a guide, if you work with people in whatever way. This is for you, as it will allow you to up-level your practice, as you have not yet received support like this before. This is because we have never had support like this on earth, as we never needed ressurection technology before, but we do now, as we are returning to Source, and need a speed up in a way. This is now avaliable because we have learned the necessary lesson in this universe and the cycles of cause and effect are closing.
This is a Big Gift.

Protocol 2: Source Linkup

Source linkup is a process that takes much longer than the first protocol. It is a process of deep saturation of you Divine Blueprint.
It is also a process of deep Frequency accretion, which is a process of your DNA receiving specific frequency, fire letter/keys/encryptions, to progressively activate and turn on parts of you 12 Strand Genetic makeup. Each strand of DNA has 12 Sub-harmonics or Frequency bands, which each correspond to a state of consciousness, so frequency accretion happens progressively over longer period of time, in DIVINE RIGHT ORDER.
Your KATHARA will be worked on, bringing in the correct mathematics.
Your light body will receive activations, you might receive specific technologies which are a part of your multi-dimensional anatomy.

To sum it up is a deep activation. this is a very high frequecy accretion, that will stay with you. This linkup will allow you to receive much higher frequencies, to run much more light and be more in-tune with eternal truth. Your discernment will grow as u will resonate with Kryst truth. Different abilities might come online and so on. Of course, this is unique for every being, these are just general descriptions. This link up will allow a higher perception, perspective upon life which will speed up your learning/remembering and all u do.

This process is the remembrance of Source and your participation in the cosmos.

Petar slovenia

Hello Aljaž, I would like to share with you my experience with the Resurrection sphere 😄 as soon as I took it in my hands, I felt the energy flowing through my palms and the anxiety in my chest that was bothering me that day. It was probably the first thing that the sphere itself grabbed and put into the harmonization process. During the process, I breathed and the began to relax, I accompanied the entire experience from the first contact with a smile and a deep inner peace. When I came home with it in the evening, I handed it to my wife, as she couldn't wait for us to get it. She connected with the sphere and for 20 minutes, when I asked her how she felt, she said she was just tired, I'm going to sleep 😄 The next day, she was all excited describing the adventure because it just didn't have the energy in the evening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm glad we have you 🙏


Anina slovenia

The sphere took me into really beautiful, divine feelings of love, and the energy really caressed my soul beautifully and gently. I felt safe, in complete love and strongly anchored in myself, or strongly connected to the origin, to myself, to everything. From this, I felt my personal power from the origin, from me, from the positioning of myself as the creator of everything I want. The feeling of unconditional love and personal power, which are so easily attainable... at that moment I fell in love... with the sphere, with life, with myself.

A few hours later, however, she began to guide me through the processes, facing and accepting the patterns necessary to shine in all of my love and light that she so beautifully showed me.

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