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Our Non-profit organization

Kulturno umetniško društvo Sprout, center pozitivne energije

I like to see this as a community, where we can all share our uniqueness. Where we are all supported for who we are and we feel safe to be so. Where we meet and together make breakthroughs in our growth and well-being. This is why I founded this non-profit society.

Mission is unity

Together we are stronger.
I see that we will be many soon.
The intention is to create healing centers where one could come, commune, learn and grow or experience some one-on-one healing or step into one of the quantum healing chambers that will be spread all over my country Slovenia, and worldwide.



All services and products offered on this page are a part of the non-profit organization's work.
We greatly appreciate your donations as they all go to further the mission and spread more love.
It really does help a lot.

Above the Clouds
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Društvo sprout

Močilnikarjeva ulica 10, 1260 Ljubljna - Polje, Slovenia

SI56 6100 0002 5836 297


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