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About me

I am a Krysted Avatar. I am claiming this truth, even if I am still fully in the process of embodying the entirety of this truth that I Am. A Kryst Avatar in a embodiment of 12 dimensional original Divine Blueprint.

My job is to be your Soul friend, A friend, beyond the body the mind the identity, an ally, a genuine friend/guide. 

A big part of my mission is to teach ascension mechanics and assist all beings to ascend back home, our true spiritual home, Source GOD Eternal.

Throughout my life I have been trained to embody the entire spectrum of light, meaning from the darkest experience to the highest light. 

I've gone through very intense initiations that lasted years.

I have remembered who I am, where I come from, and why I am here. My job is to provide humanity with Source Technology to help with all that we are yet to go through, we are in a big process of healing the entire universe as humans, and so this is my job. Help teach, show, and guide, you back into your Krysted Nature so you can be a happy being and so you able to help others in you own way.

A big part of my current cycle of learning in this life and lives in other universes and realities, was understanding the reality of darkness and what it means for consciousness to fall (to lose connection to GOD Source unity). 
This is why I have experienced such heavy infiltration and psychic attacks in this life, as I have purposely (unknowing to the human part of me) gone into those experiences to know the dark and how to reverse engineer the inverted inorganic technologies and master this part of creation.
The gift of this is so that I could relate to what humanity is undergoing, so that I could understand it and have compassion, and as I said to understand what It means to fall, how the dark works, and how to reverse the corruption of the original divine Kryst blueprint, how it all works, the kryst technologies and the untrue, the anti-kryst.

My expertise is Creation mechanics, meaning I understand how the universe works on a very deep level. allowing me to reverse engineer distortions, inverted geometries/codes, implants, artificial timelines, etc, this is my mastery beyond this life, this is GOD FORCE.
This is why my mission is to restore the divine blueprint on earth.
I work with God forces of all-oneness as the God force embodied.

This is a short description of my path. I have also had a lot of problems with my body in this life. These are all healed, i don't talk about them as to me it's not important, healing takes place naturally when we clear the root cause, which was heavy energetic attacks in all forms and shapes that cause distortions. I've had pain and weakness in all joints in the past, scoliosis, digestion problems, allergies, lethargy, seizures, and acne, which all completely healed.
I don't focus on these beautiful Krysted changes as I don't consider myself a healer, My focus is teaching and assistance to others in embodying their multidimensional Krysted truth.

I am LOVE.
I am ONE.

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